Couple Things…

skisvet-Zsleeping-maxinegiant-strawberriescups-of-water spring-necklace

We went up to North Conway last weekend and my husband skied…and Z and I shopped for skis! We didn’t get her any, but she sure is excited to try “key-ing” next winter!

While we were up there we visited our favorite MWV Children’s Museum – I highly recommend it if you’re in the area with your toddler to even 6-year-old child. Tons of playing and learning…and even a pretend vet’s office where you can do check-ups on dogs, cats, and bunnies. It’s one of my Z’s favorite things there.

Speaking of fake doctor’s kits, I found out kitty Maxine sleeping on Z’s the other day…can’t be comfortable.

Have you bought strawberries lately? They’re XLarge and oh so sweet!

I mentioned yesterday my Z was sick and we were stuck inside a couple days this week. One stuck-inside-activity we did was pour water from one tiny paper cup to another while counting the cups…don’t worry, this scene is not too idyllic, the cups and therefore water landed on the floor about 4 minutes after this photo was taken.

We were feeling better and out of the house by Thursday so I decided to wear my fave springy statement necklace in celebration!


Have a great weekend, friends!!


One thought on “Couple Things…

  1. Glad to hear that little Z is feeling better. I haven’t been up to North Conway in years. It is super fun, although, I hate the ride up. ha!

    Best, Mree


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