Dry Weather Essentials

This is one of those weeks we are just trying to get through, know what I mean? Having a sick toddler who doesn’t act sick will do that to you – meaning,  you can’t do any of your normal activities or leave the house really, but she still has the same amount of energy so we’re all going a little stir crazy. But beyond my little Z being actually sick, cold temps and (extraordinarily) dry air have left us all with non-strep sore throats, itchy dry skin, and runny noses. I have been leaning harder than usual on some health and beauty products, so I thought I’d talk about them below and ask if there’s anything getting you through this crazier thank normal dry weather?


1. Bliss Vanilla & Bergamot Body Butter  – the best body lotion ever! The smell is amazing but the lotion itself is thick while being able to absorb into your skin quickly and not feel greasy. I love this stuff. 2. Vaseline lip therapy in rosy lips. Have you tried this? The healing power of Vaseline combined with a little rose color – heals while you wear throughout the day. 3. Luden’s throat lozenges for the throat. Being pregnant there aren’t many options for a severe sore throat so these have been great! 4. My cuticles are a nightmare in this weather so I used my Crabtree & Evelyn Gardeners Nail & Cuticle Therapy before my weekly at-home mani, it really nourishes your cuticles. Btw, I am obsessed with the entire C&E Gardeners line, the lotion smells amazing! 5. First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Cream. I use this on my hands every. single. day. I got this lotion in the swag bag from the Boston Bloggers Style Summit I went to a year ago an knew immediately this was an amazing product. Especially for my hands, I love a lotion that instantly makes your skin soft and hydrated but not greasy or sticky. This is the one, friends!

Not pictured – cool mist humidifier going 24/7. We live in an exceptionally dry home anyway so combined with the air this week it’s been brutal. And galllllons of water, an obvious beverage when it’s dry.

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