DIY Paper-Covered Light Switch Cover


We’ve been making a few changes to our Z’s bedroom to grow from nursery to toddler room – she has a bed, new dresser, and at some point we’ll move out the glider chair and bring in the teepee Santa brought her for Christmas. It’s all very exciting! One small change I made recently was to add a little extra color to her wall to coordinate with the floral theme of the room. It was so easy to cover her light switch with colorful paper that I though I’d share with you the few steps it took to do. We were at the craft store and I picked a few options and had her narrow it down to the one, and here’s what she chose:


Good pick, huh?


All you’ll need for this project is: a sheet of paper to coordinate with the room, tacky glue, light switch cover, x-acto knife, pen, and scissors.


Start by tracing the light switch onto the back of your colorful paper.


Cut out the shape with about a 1/2 inch or so around the tracing. Use your x-acto knife to cut and x into the middle square where the actual light switch will go. Also press the knife through the tiny hole where the screw will go.


Cover the light switch cover with tacky glue, I use my finger so I can make sure it’s a very thin coating of glue. You want to get the glue around the back of the light switch cover as well. Wrap the paper around the cover and press to secure.


Pop your finger through the x cut from the front…


…and press the paper into the glue on the back of the cover.


Trim the corners and let dry.


Once dry, screw the light switch cover back into the wall and enjoy the pop of pattern! Of course my Z noticed right away and said “Mommy, look!” as soon as she walked in the room.

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