Couple Things…


We went on another ski weekend last weekend and ended up at the most amazing restaurant (White Mt. Cider Co.). My parents watched Z and her cousins while we went out to a long, leasurely dinner with my sister and brother in-law, what a treat!

Then we got this for dessert – a pregnant woman’s dream (homemade apple cider donuts with ice cream and caramel).

There is a full on obsession with Curious George happening in this house.

Maternity Starbucks.

Dressing up – I think she looks like the toddler version of fashion icon Iris Apfel, right?!

…and some exciting news to share with you on Monday (yes, the news has to do with with hand painted bead necklaces)!

And if you’re looking for Super Bowl snack ideas…well, here you go!

One thought on “Couple Things…

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