A Valentine Full of Kisses


Kissing is a big part of Valentine’s, right? And our little Z is so full of love and kisses that we thought we’d send kisses to some loved ones as our annual Valentine’s Day card. I thought I’d pass along the idea if you’re looking for a cute little something to send your loved ones for Valentine’s Day. This Valentine’s Day project is pretty simple to put together…


Get some wax lips (your kisses!), I ordered mine on Amazon after I searched Target, CVS, PartyCity and a local candy shop and couldn’t find any – does no one use wax lips anymore?


Stamp your boxes. I used a tiny heart stamp in white ink on brown boxes I found at Michael’s for $.79.


Buy red and white package filler (or make your own like I did by shredding paper in your home paper shredder).


Then put your package of kisses together!


Seal with a little washi tape. PS. I also included a little card in the ones we’re sending, but something needs to be a surprise for my Valentine’s Day package recipients!



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