I was going to title this post “I Have a New Scent” but – well, then you would start to think that I smelled and that seems to have a negative connotation… Anyway! Remember I needed perfume advice? Well, after some careful testing from your suggestions to pop into Nordstrom for some samples (thanks for that hint M and A!) -I tried kate spade’s live colorfully, Marc Jacob’s Daisy, Chanel #5…but none of those were me. I decided to go with my gut and get the Jo Malone Wild Bluebell. My husband likes it too, and well, since he is close to me quite often his vote really counts.


For my birthday the other day I opened a lovely box with a nice big bottle of Jo Malone Wild Bluebell. It’s a lovely light scent, just perfect for every day. That’s right, I’m not going to save my perfume for the occasional use, I’m going to make this my signature daily scent. What is your daily scent?

Ps. I also got this Zara sweater for my birthday, my hubby must read this little blog or something!

4 thoughts on “Perfume

  1. Nice choice! I wear Narciso Rodriguez for Her for every daily wear, it’s so light and airy and Chanel Chance for special occasions since it’s so bold. I can’t wait to sniff you! Haaaaaaa!


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