We Had a Purse Party


Over the weekend we hosted some family to celebrate Z’s 2nd birthday! I had a purse theme with purse invitations, purse party favors, a purse-decorated cake, and a few other purse items for decor. Our Z had a blast – she pretty much had the exact face on all afternoon as she does in the photo above! She really got it this year, that this day was all about her, she got presents!, and all her faves were there. What a fun day…

And here’s how the purse party looked….


The whole purse scene. I used balloons in the color scheme tied to mini purses as the backdrop and basic decor.


Close-up of the cake and the purses made from melting chocolate and purse candy mold. I made a carrot cake, btw, and just searched my blog for the recipe and cannot believe I’ve never shared it here. It’s really our fave carrot cake so watch for the recipe later this week.


Remember I made these Vanilla Bean Sable Cookies for a less-sweet dessert? Well, this time I made them with purple, green, and orange sprinkles to go with the color scheme. And our Z loved them.


And, since only 3 kiddos came to the party I only made 3 of the purse party favors and filled them with special treats for each kid.


We had a blast – happy birthday sweet girl!

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