I got a BeStyled Blowdry


A bunch of my husband’s buddies (or so it seems) are getting married this fall which means 2 things: 1. lots of fun nights out to attend these weddings and 2. lots of getting all dolled up in our fanciest clothes! I never seem to have trouble finding what clothes to wear since I’ve been relatively the same size since high school and have a pretty good collection of wedding-appropriate-dresses and shoes. It’s really, for me, how to complete the dressed up outfit with an equally dressed up hair style.be-styled-appointment-4I’m horrible at styling my own hair, or maybe just ignorant. I watch hair tutorials on other blogs and I think “my hair is too thick for that” or “my hair is too short for that” or “that looks super complicated.” So for dressier events such as a wedding I always end up just straightening my already straight hair and maybe putting in a cute bobby pin and calling it done.


You can only imagine how THRILLED I was to hear about Be Styled blowdry bar opening in Chestnut Hill and Wellesley. For $35 you can pop in and get your hair washed and styled in 40 minutes. And the experience is just…so…relaxing and indulgent. You’re offered a mimosa or cappuccino when you arrive…and then pass by the candy bar to grab a little snack. And after your hair wash, you sit in a chair and watch movies on the big screens (SATC2 was on when I was there) or play with a BeStyled iPad.

be-styled-appointment-3I mean – what a great way to spend a Saturday morning AND you come out looking fab.


In theory a blowdry should last for 3 days but after my day that included an outdoor cocktail hour followed by dancing all night…I was desperate for a ponytail when I got up the next morning, ya know…


PS. The wedding was a blast…

*Disclaimer: I received complimentary goods for this post, however all above opinions and thoughts are my very own.

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