Legends of the Summer Tour at Fenway

I know, I usually don’t blog about events that are once and done, because what is the fun of that for you? But….sorry….we had such a blast the other night I just HAD to share! My sister and I and our husbands all got tickets to the Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake concert at Fenway Park Saturday night – we pretended we were 25 again, and well…had FUN! A few notes before you view: we began the night at Back Bay Social Club for dinner and drinks, I loved my kate spade Saturday dress for the occasion, and we were thrilled when Jay-Z played Big Pimpin…at the chorus about spendin g’s a guy sitting next to my sister starting tossing dollar bills in the air – it was just that awesome of a night!


Legends-of-the-summer-tour-Fenway-Park-4    Legends-of-the-summer-tour-Fenway-Park-2




Did you go to the show Saturday or Sunday?! Wasn’t it awesome?!

P.S. You might be thinking “don’t you have a daughter and what about your sister’s kids?” Well, they had a cousin sleepover with my parents – thank you Bambam and Papa!!

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