Couple Things…




We started the week off right with tons of veggie dishes from our CSA, including these edamame…

…and here they are steamed with a sprinkle of kosher salt.

But by mid-week we were veggie-ed out and ordered Chinese. I got the Best. Fortune. Ever.

Sometimes I wear statement necklaces when I work from home. It’s a little much but hey, with a toddler, I don’t have many opportunities to wear them anymore!

Here I am modeling my new black and white dress from kate spade Saturday. I love the back! I’ll be wearing it this weekend jazzed up with neon accessories when we go to the JT/Jay-Z concert at Fenway – woohoo!

And last, there is nothing cuter than a tiny person wearing a tiny backpack, am I right? She looks so grown up….


Have a great weekend!! =)

One thought on “Couple Things…

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