I Bought a Romper

I have been debating rompers for…I don’t know…a year maybe? The thought of wearing one is appealing – they’re so cute, perfectly coordinated, and you can dress them up or down. Problem is, they seem to be made for the very tall and the very thin – neither of which I am.  Hmph. So, I have just been admiring rompers from afar.

Until…Zara was having their annual sale and of course I poured through their website and spied quite a few cute rompers – all on sale! Well, this one:


sat in my shopping cart for nearly 3 weeks (along with a couple other items) until one day I noticed items in the cart were disappearing one by one as they were selling out. So, I finally hit “buy now” and bought it! Well, it came in the mail late last week and I am in love! Why didn’t I go down Romper Road sooner?!

Ladies – you can have an actual behind and thighs and wear a romper and now I can tell you that with confidence and from experience. And if you’re seriously in the market, I contemplated this one in navy because it’s only $17 and the dark color would be flattering.

I wore mine out to dinner over the weekend…


Love it! A few notes:

– the rumors are true – it’s a pain in the a** to go to the bathroom when you’re wearing a romper. I basically undressed every time I had to pee, which post-child, is often.
– I learned on our trip to London at the Churchill War Rooms that Winston Churchill in fact invented the romper. If you follow me on Twitter you know this fact already but here’s the full story: during WWII he was so busy that the didn’t have time to put on a proper suit in the morning when he got dressed.  So, he had his tailor design a one-piece suit-like outfit to wear every day. His family thought he looked comical “romping around” and  the romper was invented and named. Thanks Winston!

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