…and Then We Went to Scotland!

Our trip to the UK didn’t just include taking in the sites and tastes of  cheery ‘ol London…we also made a trip up to Scotland at the end of the week. We have some friends living in Glasgow right now so we figured it was the perfect time for us to see this beautiful country. Is Scotland full of castles, sheep, and green land? Yes. And those three things are so amazing and beautiful when you see them in person, it made me so excited to be there.  Here’s how our 36-hours in Scotland went…



We took the train (almost a 5-hour trip) from London to Edinburgh to see the famed castle. You walk out of the train station, walk up a little street called Castlehill (I kid you not) and then…it’s there. Notice the jackets…cold, windy, just damp…all the time. But not in a bad way, actually.



You can guess who this tiny pink kilt is for…


We really did see…sheep…everywhere!


Kilchurn Castle…in the misty rain – is there anything more Scottish than a castle in the misty rain?!



After this castle we drove to the Scottish Highlands where there are beautiful mountains and a very low population of people. We drove through and saw some amazing scenery.


We stopped at Oban, an adorable and quaint seaside village.


IMG_0465.JPG (2) IMG_3252

And on the drive home we dined at Drover’s Inn, a 300 year old pub! We went with Scottish classics – I got a steak and ale pie and my husband tried (and liked!) the haggis (our friends got the same).


We had to see one last castle before the day ended…


And then the next morning we hopped on our plane to come home. Goodbye UK, we had such an awesome visit.

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