DIY Jean Shorts


I tend to buy all of my Z’s clothes at the end of the season when they’re on clearance for the following season – like right now I’m shopping size 2T for next summer because everything is on super sale. That said, I found that I didn’t have many coordinating shorts for the random assortment of tops I got Z last summer to wear this summer. I decided she needed a little pair of denim shorts – they go with everything and she can get as messy as she wants because hey, they’re jeans. I found a pair of little Joe’s jeans on clearance at Nordstrom Rack and went to work…


I decided it would be cute for Z to have a pair that were slightly longer, skinny leg, with a rolled cuff. To make these for your toddler (or yourself!) you’ll need: Jeans, an iron, sharp scissors, and a needle and thread (not pictured).



Measure how long you want the jeans to be, then add about 1 1/2 inches for the cuff. Measure from the bottom so you get the same length on each leg.



Measure again. Then cut.



Make the cuffed legs by folding and ironing each time. Fold…iron…fold…iron. Repeat on the other leg.



Sew the side of the cuff so it stays in place and doesn’t unfold. This is especially necessary for baby/toddler/kids.



Done. Cutey cute DIY denim shorts. Here is my Z testing hers out on the playground after our Baby Bootcamp class.

2 thoughts on “DIY Jean Shorts

  1. I can’t stand it, tooooo cute! Such a great idea. So, the trick is to measure from the bottom? That explains why I always end up with one leg shorter than the other AND why I should never attempt DIY projects of any sort!


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