Quick DIY Flower Pin


I am a firm believer that accessories can make an outfit.  When you want to look particularly “put together” you always add a special accessory or two, right?  Well, we were taking some family photos over the weekend and our little Z’s outfit was missing something. I quickly realized she needed a special accessory to really make her outfit come together: yes – even 17 month old toddlers need to accessorize!

I remembered this little polka dot pistachio green flower I bought on sale at Joann’s forever ago and decided to make it into a quick pin for her cardigan.  It was so simple!


All I needed was a large safety pin and the flowers.  The package came with two flowers attached to twist ties.


DIY-flower-pin-accessory-2First, twist the twist tie around twice onto the pin.  Twist very tightly so it’s very secure.



Then, wrap the ends of the twist tie all around the pin.  You’re ready to wear – yes, it was that easy!



BEFORE. Now, she is a spectacularly cute and  sweet girl [in my opinion ;)], we are just talking about outfit here, people!



AFTER – Doesn’t this little pin just make her outfit?

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