When I’m not in the mood to wear a statement necklace, I sometimes like to accessorize with a fabulous pin. I thought I’d share a few of my favorites with you and ideas of how to wear them.

The Feather – I love to wear it on the big collar of this great sweater or at the bottom of the “v” in a v-neck sweater or shirt. Either way, this pin needs to be your accessory focal point since it’s so busy.


The Bug – this guy is so cute. The pin is heavy so it doesn’t work well on a sweater so in the winter I like him on the collar of a jacket and in the summer I adorn him on a clutch.


The Faux-antique – this pin has gotten me a ton of compliments over the years, the colors are very striking. Once, at a jewelery store, the salesperson (aka jewelry expert) was absolutely convinced this was really an antique from the 20’s, I didn’t have the heart to tell her I actually bought it American Eagle for $10 just the month before. This pin gives a great pop of color to my black wool winter coat.


The Sparkler – I wore this in my hair at our wedding, just the perfect amount of sparkle for my hair. It also works well on a brightly colored cardigan in the summer.

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