Colorful Paper Art

Sometimes you just can’t find the right art for a wall in your house and it’s very frustrating. I had this experience when we first moved into our house 3 years ago when I wanted everything decorated ASAP.

We had just painted our master bedroom a lovely teal green and bought a brown-based comforter and sheet set and I was searching for a third contrasting color for curtains and accent pillows. I went to my favorite paper crafting store Paper Source and found this great print with my 2 colors plus RED.

I then bought 3 3 x 3 canvasses and wrapped each canvas with the paper. Voila – Colorful Paper Art!


I did a similar thing in our kitchen and found this great flower pattern to coordinate with our dark red walls. Love that the center of the flowers is purple.

In our family room, we had coasters that are meant to put photos in, but instead of putting a cold beverage on the faces of my friends and families, I thought I would use Colorful Paper again to coordinate with our family room colors.

Such an easy DIY project I thought I would share!

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