No Recipe Summer Meal

It has been way too hot to cook and eat real meals lately. But, since we do need to eat dinner, we have been doing lots of grilling and easy summertime dishes. I thought I’d share this non-recipe meal which has become a staple in our menu rotation when the temp soars like it is this week.

Grilled veggies (in this photo we used eggplant, yellow squash, green pepper, red onion, and grape tomatoes – but use what you like)
Grilled chicken
Pesto (you can make your own with fresh basil, or a great jarred pesto is Pastene – it doesn’t have any fake ingredients)

I call this a non-recipe because it’s so easy, there is no actual recipe to follow. We basically cut-up and grill some veggies and chicken then mix with pesto and pasta. I do suggest getting a BBQ grill pan (like this one, for example) to make grilling the veggies easier and so they don’t fall through the grates of the grill.

You can serve this meal hot, room temp, or even chill the leftovers and eat like a pasta salad.


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