Snow Day Cookies

In celebration of being stuck in our house for almost 36 hours with this snow, freezing rain, slush storm, we decided to bake a 1/2-batch of cookies.

We used the traditional Nestle Toll House Cookies recipe on the back of the chocolate chip bag, also found here. Since chocolate isn’t my favorite, we split the dough in half and made half chocolate chip cookies for my husband and half cranberry/white chocolate chip cookies for me. We used 1/2 a cup each of dried cranberries and white chocolate chips for this size batch.

This 1/4-size recipe of each flavor yielded about 7 cookies each. They came out delicious!

3 thoughts on “Snow Day Cookies

  1. I’m always amazed at the foods you pull together! What is your secret to keeping such a well stocked pantry? I feel like I do OK with it, but often either forget I have stuff or would be missing one key ingredient.p.s. I LOVE chocolate but those cran/white choc cookies sound amazing right now!


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