His & Hers

My husband and I took a little long weekend to Florida this past weekend. As we sat sadly in our hotel room getting ready to come back to the freezing/snowiness that is Boston, I looked over and thought our suitcases looked so cute sitting by the door together.

I got these luggage tags as a bon voyage gift right before our honeymoon a year and a half ago from a dear friend who is also an exceptional gift giver. Pink for me, blue for him. Not only are the luggage tags super cute, the bright colors help us easily identify our bags at the luggage carousel. And luckily this trip my husband brought a too-big suitcase to help bring home some of my outlet shopping finds!

*Sad note – my pink “hers” luggage tag didn’t make it back to Boston with us…I’m hoping a kind soul finds it and drops it in the mail to me.

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