White Collared Shirt

There’s nothing better than a crisp, clean, brand-spanking new white collared shirt. The white collared shirt is a staple in my wardrobe and I wear one to work almost once a week – under a sweater or vest for a preppy look, with a statement necklace, or all on it’s own tucked into a great pair of pants for a simple, minimalist look.

The biggest necessities to look for when buying a white collared shirt are that it’s well tailored, fits you perfectly, and is long enough to tuck in, but not too long if you want to wear it out.
I also refuse to pay a lot for a white collared shirt, because let’s face it – anything white only lasts so long before a stain “appears” or dingy-ness sets in.
Well stop your search – a few years ago now, I found the perfect white collared shirt and continuously by the same one as needed:

– H&M
– $19.95!
– Men’s style but tailored for a woman’s shape
– Perfect length to tuck-in or wear out under a sweater

Note: This shirt does look cheap in some of the other colors they sell, but you can get away with the white looking luxe when paired with the rest of your outfit.

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