Perfume Advice

I need a new scent. I was cleaning out this little basket of cosmetics I have and found a free sample (from who knows when or what) of Jo Malone’s Wild Bluebell cologne and I just love it! I went through the sample in a matter of weeks – and I don’t wear perfume very often with working from home and all. And I certainly don’t wear perfume when I’m playground hopping with my Z. But – there are occasions when I’d love a little spritz: date night with my husband, meeting friends for dinner, or heading out to a fun blogger event.


I almost bought the Jo Malone scent on our trip to London earlier this summer (it is an English brand after all), but I couldn’t pull the trigger, I wasn’t sure if Wild Bluebell was the one… I wish you could scratch and sniff on a blog – I need advice! What do you wear? Do you have any scent suggestions for me? What perfume should I pick?