Spectacular and Easy Pasta Salad


Now that it’s getting warm and holidays like Memorial Day are right around the corner, I thought it time I share my spectacular and easy pasta salad “recipe.” It’s not really a recipe since I just mix a bunch of ingredients together, but there are a few key hints that I use making this pasta salad that make it delicious and therefore, why I wanted to share it with you…


Chop your veggies and put into a large bowl. I like to use red onion, green pepper, and grape tomatoes cut in half.



Cook your pasta according to the box directions, I like to use tri-color rotini and tortellini for a little extra flavor.



When the pasta is done, drain, and then immediately pour over your veggies. This step is key! Your pasta is SO hot (see how steamy this photo is?) it will slightly cook and soften your veggies to take the raw-ness out of them.



Immediately dress your salad. I am not fancy and use our favorite store-bought Italian right from the bottle.



Do add some extra pepper for flavor! Then cover and refrigerate for a few hours. The dressing will be absorbed by the pasta and everything will sort of meld together.



When the salad is chilled, right before you serve, sprinkle Feta cheese on top and fold to incorporate.



That’s it! So easy, so yummy, perfect summer side dish. Enjoy!