How to Commemorate Your Newborn


I didn’t know how to best title this post so I went with “how to commemorate your newborn.” And what I mean is that sweet newborn phase flies by so quickly (unless you’re in the newborn phase at this very moment and then you feel as if the feeding, lack of sleep, spit up, feeding, and lack of sleep will last forevvvvver. It won’t!) that you often miss/forget how tiny, sweet, and helpless your little one was. I had this idea for commemorating a newborn with Z, but then poof – she was 3 and I never did it. So, I did it now for my baby M. I thought it would be fun to gather some memorable items from his newborn days and display them in a shadow box to hang on his nursery wall. I found a pretty cute shadow box 3 (maybe 4) years ago at Home Goods when I had this idea for Z so I just used that.


I gathered a few items that I wanted to display (the outfit he wore home from the hospital, a mold of his tiny baby hand, and a bib from the hospital where he was born)…


..and used the pins that came with the shadow box to display them.


I added the photo from his handmade baby announcement and mounted it on paper.


Voila, I have commemorated my (now just about 8 month old) newborn!