12 Days of Christmas Tops, day 4


12 Days of Christmas Tops, day 4: This Lace peplum top from Zara is sort of the lace top of all lace tops (and I searched a TON of lace tops). The goal of a modern lace top is to look delicate without being matronly – and this is honestly the edgiest lace top I’ve ever seen, love it. With a black pencil skit and heals you’d be wearing a pretty killer Christmas outfit.

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12 Days of Christmas Tops, day 1

The holiday season is full of festive events and things to do where it’s fun to dress up! Red and green, sparkles, sequins, even fringe – there are so many ways to doll-up your wardrobe for the season. I usually prefer to go with a fun dynamic top to pair with jeans, red pants, dressy black pants, or even a skirt depending on how fancy the event is. This year, I thought it would be fun to come up with 12 days of Christmas tops to share with you some ideas of fabulous shirts I’ve found around the internet in case you’re also looking for something cute to wear this season!


Day 1: J. Crew Embellished tartan t-shirt. I bought this myself (it’s on super sale) and it’s perfect with dark denim and red flats for a casual party. I prefer short sleeves at a party because I always get hot and an embellished lightweight tee seems to be perfect for that. I thought I’d also note this striped t-shirt with bow-embellished back in red is just adorable from J. Crew too, but the fit is a little odd (for me, at least) but if it works for you, SO cute.