44, 45, & 46/52

So I missed a few weeks of my weekly photos of my children, but fear not, here they all are in one post!


Found her playing away on the piano at an indoor play place.


Enjoying the fall weather (and fall fashion trends).


Her new ballet studio also incorporates tap at the end of each class – to say she is enjoying dancing in loud shoes is an understatement!


Evening milk drinking/crawling around ritual.


“Mommy, take a pick-cha of me and dis stachu!”


At least he now reads the books he knocks off the shelves.



We had a 45 minute wait at my eye doctor appointment the other day and after the snacks were gone there was nothing left to do but try on glasses. And I didn’t think she could get any cuter…


We went to a new (to us) indoor place and he was obsessed with this little log cabin – it even had a grill, picnic table, and espresso machine.


How are there only 12 weeks left in 2015? Anyway…


This boy is unstoppable on playground stairs – up, down, everywhere!


She asked me to go to the complete opposite side of this playground structure to get a picture, which I did, and once I was there she screamed “nevermind, mama!” and walked away. I took this photo anyway.


After dinner at Wagamama in Harvard Square last weekend everyone got a little taste of dessert…


2 sips of Daddy’s shake for him (his face = past his bedtime and cranky)…


…and a pink cupcake for her!

It’s Fall, so we Went Apple Picking

‘Tis the season for PSL, cinnamon, vests, pumpkin everything, and….apple picking! We went to our local favorite Parlee Farm over the weekend to pick apples so I thought I’d share a few photos of our day with you. It was so nice that it was slightly cool when we went, the past few years have been very hot through mid-October and frankly, I like my apple picking with a chill in the air!

We like Parlee Farm because it has a little of everything – goats…a hay maze (that you can walk on top of, too)…

…pumpkins galore! They also have a huge field of wild flowers where (for a small fee) they give you scissors and you can go clip your own fresh flowers, how quaint is that? They serve amazing mini apple cider donuts that are covered in sugar and so, so good (these were eaten so quickly there are no photos to share).

And (last but not least) a hayride out to the apple orchards.

And then of course it’s time to actually pick the apples…

…and taste test a few, too. Have you gone apple picking this season?