It’s Fall, so we Went Apple Picking

‘Tis the season for PSL, cinnamon, vests, pumpkin everything, and….apple picking! We went to our local favorite Parlee Farm over the weekend to pick apples so I thought I’d share a few photos of our day with you. It was so nice that it was slightly cool when we went, the past few years have been very hot through mid-October and frankly, I like my apple picking with a chill in the air!

We like Parlee Farm because it has a little of everything – goats…a hay maze (that you can walk on top of, too)…

…pumpkins galore! They also have a huge field of wild flowers where (for a small fee) they give you scissors and you can go clip your own fresh flowers, how quaint is that? They serve amazing mini apple cider donuts that are covered in sugar and so, so good (these were eaten so quickly there are no photos to share).

And (last but not least) a hayride out to the apple orchards.

And then of course it’s time to actually pick the apples…

…and taste test a few, too. Have you gone apple picking this season?


Where did this week go? In my head I have so many posts to share but never the time to put them together…anyway… Here is my favorite way to end the week, looking through my phone and sharing my favorite photos of these two lovies with you. We had quite the week in our house – first day of school, first day of music class, first day of ballet! But here were my favorites…


She can’t see one of these and NOT pose in it. The first at the Butterfly Museum (does anyone else find that place creepy the way the butterflies are everywhere?) and second at Old Navy of all places.


He won’t stop ripping every book off the shelf. They keep (most of) their books in their rooms but we finally temporarily put away the shelf of books we have in their play area downstairs because we couldn’t stand having to pick it up every night.

Summer Send-off


What a summer! This was one for the books for our little family. Nothing huge happened, just a whole lotta fun – beach days, pool days, dinners out, play dates, adventures with friends, vacations with cousins, sleepovers with cousins, a couple date nights, and ice cream – a decent amount of ice cream. Anyway, we usually send off the summer Labor Day weekend with more of the above, but not this weekend, I was plagued by the flu! The dead-of-winter, sore joints, headache-inducing, appetite suppressing, high fever causing flu. What a bummer. So we didn’t do much but by Sunday I was ok enough to venture out and do some peach picking and by Monday I was ready for a big ‘ol summer send-off dinner, after the kids ran through the sprinkler once last time of course.


We went for a southern theme of ribs, cole slaw (we used this recipe and added chopped tomatoes), corn….


and homemade peach cobbler for dessert (I used this recipe and added a cinnamon/sugar sprinkle on top before baking).


And it was awesome, just like our summer. I felt extra nostalgic this weekend, maybe I was delirious from the fever, but as much as I love LOVE the fall, I sure am sad to this summer end.



Getting musical with a wood chip-covered bum.


Practicing for “ballerina class” with her new Targetstyle ballet duds, she starts in a few weeks! Ps. Baby brother photo bomb… 😉



Over the weekend she ate dinner with her cousins at our favorite Mexican place at the kids table and looked equally grown up and so little at the same time (just across from our table).


Good thing we screwed this bookcase to the wall… His current game is to pull all the books off the shelf and hoist himself up.

31 & 32/52

I missed week 31 of photos due to vacation so here are 2 weeks of photos! Week 31:


He LOVED the splash pad on vacation!


And she was mental the day we were leaving and decided to dance on the luggage cart while we were trying to pack.


Week 32:


The fish tank at the library!


“Mommy, take a pick-cha of me using my library books as a blanket!”


If I haven’t blogged in a while (I was notified by Facebook yesterday that I hadn’t posted anything new in 10 days, whoops!) I like to start back up with a “lately” post to let you know what I’ve been up to…


Vacationing: With my husband’s family (almost 30 people total) at a resort in the Poconos in Pennsylvania – a place reminiscent of Dirty Dancing (without the scandals, that I know of…) where the activities are aplenty and the same staff person serves you breakfast, drives your motor boat when you water ski, and stars in the staff musical at night.


Eating: Trader Joe’s pre-packaged salads, most of which are low calorie (watch out for those that are considered 2 servings though when calculating calories). Have you tried these? They have really interesting options – I’ll often add cucumbers or an avocado as I did in the salad above.


Making: Pink flamingo cookies for a little play date we’re having this week with Z and M’s friends because in our house even a play date gets a party theme!


Buying: Flowers to add some color around the house.


Drinking: Margaritas with friends because we just got back from vacationing with my in-laws. 😉


Wearing: Our favorite shoes even in the pouring rain today (just look at how Z is standing, such a lady).