Couple Things

It was a little hectic in our house this week with a couple nights out for me and poor Z got sick for a quick 24 hours.  We still managed to have lots of fun though – here’s a photo recap of our week:


We had a dicey ride home from skiing on Sunday in the snow and stopped for lunch at some random pizza place right off the highway…Zoe was full of smiles as she ate her hamburger.


Close-up of Maxine the cat.


We had a blast at the library!


I got a yummy dessert treat on the way out of one of the work events I went to.


Zoe is officially addicted to watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse before bed.


And even though she was sick, she was still all smiles as she sat in her little  rocking chair.


Have a great weekend – here are a few fun links!

If you haven’t seen enough yet – here are the 2013 Oscars dissected gown by gown

It’s fun to watch Bobby Flay make his cioppino dish – it’s what I ordered when my sister and friends took me to Bar Americain in NYC for my bachelorette!

“Lena Dunham’s” Zero Dark Thirty audition.  Hysterical.

Couple Things…

We had a great week in this house:

The gift I got my husband for Valentine’s Day finally arrived – 4lbs of Tennessee smoked slab bacon from Benton’s Smokey Mountain Country Ham.  And boy does this bacon have the smokiest flavor I’ve ever tasted!  And it’s very thick.  Obviously I’ll have a couple bacon-themed recipes to share with you next week.

We also did a lot of walking this week…I think Z is close to letting go and walking on her own. 

My husband and I had a date night at Olives in Charlestown, the food was great…especially this yellowfin tuna tartare.

After much thought (and a small poll on instagram) we picked a paint color and my husband painted our upstairs hallway.  Turns out, the color is almost identical to what the hallway already was.  D’oh!  At least now it’s fresh paint and looks clean and sharp.

Have a great weekend – here are some fun links:

Obviously if you watch Downton Abbey you are devastated and still recovering from Sunday’s season finale.  That’s all I’ll say in case you haven’t watched it yet.  In the meantime, here is Downton Abbey if it took place on Facebook.

In honor of the Oscars this Sunday: here are the 12 best Oscar acceptance speeches…ever.

My favorite headline of the week: Now You Can Go Postal Too with USPS Clothing Line.  What?  It’s for real!

Did you see Gwyneth’s GOOP was a magazine this week!

And finally, have you read the article this week from the Atlantic on modern “DIY” Parenting?  I found it interesting.