Gingerbread Saturday

Gingerbread men have been a major discussion point this Christmas season. They focus on gingerbread at Z’s school because it seems as though gingerbread men are a safe, non-specific holiday theme that everyone can enjoy no matter what holiday you celebrate. They’ve made gingerbread men, read books about them, craft projects, you name it. So when I heard that the Cottage in Chestnut Hill was hosting a gingerbread breakfast this past weekend I thought it would be fun to make a whole day of it. And I took a few photos so I could share here!


The breakfast was cute – breakfast buffet, hot chocolate with marshmallows for the kids, and treats to take home in goody bags.


There was a station to decorate your own gingerbread man cookie…


…which seemed to be the highlight for the kids.


The photo booth area with the gingerbread man was adorable, although the guy in the costume made the gingerbread look angry and melting.


Then we hopped in the car and drove into Boston. Our first stop was to the Taj to see their Boston Tea Party scene that was made completely out of gingerbread. It was awesome! They even had the boxes of tea “floating” in the water.




Our last stop was the Boston Public Library and their new children’s wing, which was so fun – big, a nice play area, tons of books, and a really fun stage area with huge window overlooking Exeter Street.


We found some gingerbread books to read, played, and called it a day. Fun!

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