Exciting News (New Job!)


I like to get dressed. And, even more so, I like to get my kids dressed. So, as it were, when I saw a job posted on a moms group I follow on Facebook to be a stylist for Mac & Mia, I thought – that is for ME! Mac & Mia is a clothing delivery service for children ages 0 to 6 (much like Stitch Fix, if you’re familiar). You give me details about your kids (she hates red and will only wear dresses and skirts, for example) and I fill a box of 8 to 10 clothing pieces and send them to you. You look them over, try them on your child, keep and pay for what you like, and send back the rest. Easy! Convenient! And oh so fun for me!


It’s a part-time, work from home job which makes it even that much more appealing and the only way it would work with our little family right now.


Mac & Mia has tons of clothing brands I work with to find just the right pieces for your little ones. Some favorite brands like JoJo Maman Bebe and Hatley. Some new to me brands like Angel Dear (for babies, SO cute). And of course they’re all fun brands like Pink Chicken.


So…that’s what’s new, it was time I shared! If you’re interested in signing up and learning more you can use my direct link for Mac & Mia here. Or my stylist code is JessJ.

7 thoughts on “Exciting News (New Job!)

  1. Hallo! Vielen Dank für den Link und die Tipps mit den Säcken. Ich betreibe erst seit kurzem Boxen als Sport und wollte mir endlich einen eigenen ^kleineren Boxsack zulegen. Ich weiß zwar noch nicht genau wo und wie ich ihn am besten befestige, aber evtl. hat ja einer von euch einen guten Tipp?VA:F [1]W920_1166..ar diese Antwort hilfreich? Bitte bewerten Sie diese Antwort.please wait…


  2. > Alex:Gramsci, oui, bien sûr. Il était dans mon « et d’autres » , pas très loin de Guy Debord.PS : les « têtes blondes » parce que les cellules qui fabriquent la mélanine, chez la plupart des enfants européens (caucasiens), ne sont pas fonctionnelles. Elles ne le deviennent en général que vers l’adolescence (c’est aussi pour ça qu’ils sont plus sensibles au soleil). Les jeunes enfants ont donc le plus souvent des cheveux plus clairs que leurs parents.


  3. I think it’s bad to point out what’s wrong w/o offering up sol’ns. A cat may not know so if you don’t tell’em “hey this might be wrong, try this.” you can’t say you helped at all.


  4. Thanks, Tom. The pictures are mostly all cropped for the best view. Wish I could frame them on shooting, but concentrating on approaching the butterfly s..l..o..w..l..y is all one can think of at the time.


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