The Perfect Fall Turkey Sandwich

I had read that Panera had a new sandwich for Fall: turkey, cheddar, and apple and thought it sounded just delicious. On our next trip there (with my little lunch dates) I ordered the fall turkey sandwich and was immediately disappointed, they didn’t use their turkey cold cut on the sandwich, rather, some cold, wet turkey that was apparently supposed to be roasted turkey breast. It was not good. So, inspired by my disappointment and when we ran out of ideas for lunch over the weekend I thought it was the perfect day to try to recreate the idea.


I used my favorite whole wheat bread and Boar’s Head Ovengold turkey. Then , we shredded 1/4 of an apple per sandwich – make sure to squeeze the apple in a paper towel to get a lot of the water out, you don’t want a soggy sandwich! I sprinkled a few craisins on top and sliced sharp cheddar cheese. My husband added mayonnaise to his sandwich – I don’t do mayo but thought I’d mention because he loved it. You have to try this fall turkey sandwich, the flavors all together are delicious, enjoy!

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