Ain’t No Party Like a Flamingo Party…

We had been wanting to have some little friends over this summer and settled on this morning as a date and it just so happened to be our first week home from vacation. You know how being home from vacation can be kind of a bummer? Well, we decided to theme our little play date party with friends so we had something to plan and look forward to. Side-note, my little Z has definitely inherited my love of party planning – she’s really an excellent hostess and has an eye for detail, a true event planner in the making. Anyway, we threw the details of our little plate date together in a matter of days so I thought I’d share some of our ideas in case you’re having a last minute event this summer that you’d like to take to the next level with a party theme – ours was a Flamingo Party!


When I asked Z what I thought our party theme was we arrived at flamingo because she and I both have flamingo shirts already, so it seemed like a natural fit.


We bought some truly adorable flamingo straws from Amazon that added a nice pop of color to everything.


We made flamingo cookies dying our favorite sugar cookie recipe pink and using a cookie cutter. Note – did you know Sur la Table sells cookie cutters $1.25? And they have almost any shape you could ever want, that’s my secret spot for finding random cookie cutter shapes and not spending a lot for them.


We also printed out flamingos, colored them, and hung them up as decor.


Add friends, watermelon, a sprinkler, applesauce squeezies, some bubbles, and a couple juice boxes and you have yourself a fun backyard play date!

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