Hi! What have you been up to?  I’ve been inconsistently blogging at best so I thought I’d kick the week off (on Tuesday, oops) with a little “lately” post so you can see what I/we have been up to around here!


Reading… The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grisson. My mom lent this to me over a year ago now and I started and finished it within 2 weeks. I will warn you that the ending is not too satisfying but I loved reading about this plantation in Virginia before the Civil War – the good, the bad, and the really bad.


Eating… cherries, my favorite early summer fruit.


Buying… rompers. I’ve stopped, but I am addicted – I love the thought of an entire outfit all at once that’s not a dress! My current fav is this embroidered-front chambray romper from Old Navy. It was 40% off when I bought it and it is so cute dressed up or down, with a black sweater, black sneakers, or flats.


Wearing… essie’s Plumberry. I got a pedicure with this color Mother’s Day weekend and immediately ordered it from Amazon and haven’t worn another color on my hands or toes since. It’s the perfect pinky red for my complexion.


Watching… Orphan Black. Summer isn’t usually a great time for tv which is when we fall back on binge watching random series we’ve heard/read about. Orphan Black is a BBC/Netflix series about a street hustler who finds out she is a clone… sounds random? But pretty good and totally addictive as the plot-line moves on.

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