Easter Week

We had a great Easter week in our house so I thought I’d share a bunch of highlights with you.


We started the week by decorating our Easter eggs. I blow the whites and yolks out and they last about a week. How do you do it, do you hard boil them?


We found some fun Easter accessories from the dollar section at Target – slippers for Z and these ears for M.


The day before Easter we went to the zoo where Z got her face painted for the very first time! Then we came home and decorated our Easter Bunny cupcakes.


Later that night…the Easter Bunny came, ate the carrot the kids left out for him…


…and filled their Easter baskets with some goodies that this baby clearly had fun with.


Then it was off to church where we did an Easter egg hunt followed by mass – I love this photo of everyone feeding their baby as we waited for mass to begin.


Then we spent the afternoon with family – eating, chatting, and having fun. M had a pretty great first Easter.


Ps. His outfit, her outfit.

5 thoughts on “Easter Week

  1. Looks like you guys had a really fun Easter! I’m really trying to embrace the fun, crafty Mom in me but I just am not there yet lol… Maybe when the baby gets a little older!


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