A Winter Weekend

We are quite lucky to be able to head up north to the White Mountains in the winter, which we did this past weekend! It was a good one (minus the over-excited, under-slept toddler, ugh) so I thought I’d share some of my favorite moments.


We skied Saturday in the most perfect conditions we’ve had all season – warm (30 degrees!), tons of snow, and the kiddos in the nursery for most of the day. My sister and brother-in-law had the genius idea to go to a sit-down lunch in the middle of the day too, which is always a treat when your sans-kids. Can you see my husband on the trail impatiently waiting for me while I took this photo? Ha!


The next day we decided to take Z skating again in the most scenic little free ice skating rink in North Conway, I always love views of the iconic train station. She lasted about 10 minutes this time!


We capped off our little weekend with one of our favorite brunches in the area at the White Mountain Hotel and Resort at Hale’s Location – kids under 5 eat free! The views are amazing overlooking the valley and Cranmore Mountain.


Even M enjoyed the brunch and tried (and loved – despite the face) cantaloupe for the first time.


Any brunch with a live pianist is ok in my book…

How was your weekend?

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