Long Weekends

A long weekend is one that is made longer by adding additional days. By definition there is nothing to dislike about long weekends, am I right? I hope you got to enjoy yesterday’s holiday in celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. I spent mine up north with family and thought I’d share a few highlights of the weekend if you don’t mind!


Long weekends call for fun suitcases (not pictured, my husband’s boring black suitcase!). Btw, there’s been mixed reviews but I personally LOVE the kate spade Saturday weekender, that zipper pouch at the bottom to hold shoes is my fave. Plus you can always score one on sale because $180 is a bit much for what it is in my opinion.


This girl in her ski outfit is just the cutest ever.


And she’s really loving the hitting the slopes! She just tee-hee’s the entire way down. We can’t wait to get her in a lesson so she can really learn.


My husband skied Saturday and I skied Sunday…and enjoyed some apres ski beverages both days because – long weekend!


I finally had time to start this book. Did you read it yet, was it good?


And this guy didn’t get to ski but he did wear his long underwear to stay warm. A baby in long underwear is so adorable.

Hope you had a great long weekend too! And there are only 4 days til next weekend, woohoo!

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