Thanksgiving Survival Guide

The holidays are wonderful – seeing family, traveling (mostly long road trips), eating a lot of good food, having tons of plans! But they can also be really difficult for the exact same reasons. I put together a little list of some ideas for a Thanksgiving Survival Guide so you can hopefully stay a little more sane this holiday season. Enjoy and tell me how you survive!


1. The perfect Thanksgiving dinner centerpiece ideas from Better Homes and Gardens.

2. Lullabies for the kiddos to fall asleep to in the car that won’t drive you mental – we love Rockabye Baby‘s rendition of Coldplay (but they come in tons of artists).

3. Car travel games like SpotIt so everyone stays happy on the lonnnnng car rides.

4. (Almost) Homemade Thanksgiving decor for your front door.

5. A great pumpkin pie recipe from good ‘ol Libby’s.

6. A unique card from Treat by Shutterfly to mail (or email!) to all those friends and family members you won’t be able to visit on Thanksgiving! Don’t forget WHY we’re all sitting down and eating turkey together, express your thanks to loved ones in a thoughtful, personalized card.

7. And last but not least… a list of recipes from the Food Network to use up those leftovers!

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