What Z Said, Part III


I haven’t done one of these in a while but she’s getting more hilarious by the minute so I thought I’d put together a list of my fave things Z is saying right now and share with you!

The very first thing she says to me most mornings when she gets up… “Mummy, what we doing and what I wearing?” She is definitely my daughter.

If you even have one pinky toe in her way she will say to you “‘Scuse me! Commin’ through!” At least she’s polite…

Ever the drama queen, if she feels stuck somewhere (and most of the time it’s faux-stuck) she’ll scream “Mommy! Get me out-ta here!!!!”

Every time we pass a Dunkin Donuts she will tell me “My Daddy take me there. I get a donut and he get a coffee.” Usually he gets a donut too but I guess she doesn’t even notice that.

If she wants to be carried she simply raises her arms and says “uppies” which is so sweet and babyish and I hope she never stops asking for uppies.


In case you missed them: The original What Z Said and What Z Said, Part II


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