If you read this blog, you must know how much we enjoy food in this house. We cook a lot – trying new recipes weekly, if not even more frequent than that. What I don’t share all that often is how much we enjoy dining out, too! We are always on the hunt for a great, new restaurant – in fact my husband follows the blog Boston Restaurant Talk to always be in the know of what’s new, what’s closed, and what’s coming soon. We have an active list of new places we want to try and of course a never ending list of local faves we love to visit often.


A recent trip to Parish Cafe (Z’s meal and milk not pictured)

And yes, before you ask – we love to take our babies out with us! I remember the first place we took our Z was when she was a month old and we were dying to go out. We strapped her in her bucket car-seat, went at night when we knew she’d be asleep, and had a lovely dinner at (the now closed) Chez Henri in Cambridge. We’ve been taking her out with us ever since and of course Baby M has been dining out since he was 2 weeks old, ha!


Tavern on the Square in Burlington, we love to dine outside!

I will say though, especially now that we have a wild toddler, it’s tricky to always figure out a good place to go out as a family and have everyone be happy. Enter KidNosh. An awesome website that reviews restaurants so you know the best places to dine out with your kids – they do the tough part for you! You can search for restaurants by neighborhood, price range, or cuisine. It’s SUCH a great idea.


Ruyi in Lexington for hibachi! Z covered her eyes for the onion volcano…

I am so excited to share with you today that I have joined the team at KidNosh and will be reviewing restaurants for the site. You can imagine how exciting this is, I of course already have a short list of places to review. I’ll be sharing links to my reviews as they come up but in the meantime, check out the site and do some research as to where to bring your kiddos out to dinner next!


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