Couple Things…


My Z turned 2 1/2 this week and we celebrated by baking her favorite Vanilla Bean Sable Cookies and her wearing her princess dress ALL afternoon.

I am SO. GIANTLY. PREGNANT! Here I am wearing my $9 Old Navy maternity dress meeting a couple friends for lunch over the weekend.

We hung the DIY Drink Umbrella Wreath I made last year in celebration of Cinco de Mayo – which is Monday, get the guacamole out!

We’re still going to our Baby Bootcamp classes, but there are a lot of exercises I just can’t do anymore – luckily my Z has taken over doing what I can’t…


Have a great weekend!


5 thoughts on “Couple Things…

  1. First of all that wreath is absolutely adorable…and what’s more adorable is your daughter! I wish I looked as good as you pregnant I swear I did not want to wear anything but sweatpants and hoodies lol! I was my biggest all through winter. Looks like our children are almost the same ages apart. You will love seeing them together I’m sure she will make such a great big sister. Congrats and best of luck :]


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