DIY Polka Dot Frame


I have a thing for frames. Just ask my husband, half the walls in our formal living room are covered in frames. Or ask my parents…when we bought our house 6 years ago they arrived on our doorstep with boxes of ALL my childhood-through-college-age belongings…boxes of them were frames and old photos (when I still used actual film!). I have been told (yes, told!) “no more frames!” Well, as I also like fresh, new things…I decided to recycle an old frame into a new one. Here we have an old wooden frame (I used the same style for my recent Gold Leaf Frame class) that I painted and turned into an adorable polka-dotted frame. Here’s how, it could not have been simpler.


You need: a frame (new, old, recycled, your choice – just paint it the color you want as a first step), glue dots – I used 1″ dots but they come in a variety of sizes, glitter, and a small brush (not pictured).


Stick a glue dot on the frame, peel back the paper over the sticky part, pour on your glitter, shake of excess. Do this process one dot at a time to cover your frame in dots. I prefer a sporadic dot placement, but it’s obviously your call.


Spend some time using a tiny paint brush to neaten up your polka dots and get rid of any loose glitter. These glue dots are very strong and I didn’t use any “glitter protection” but if you feel you need it, you could cover the entire frame in Mod Podge to seal the glitter in.


Throw a photo in your frame and you’re DONE – how easy was that?!

Ps. I used one of my fave photos from our French honeymoon almost 5 years ago…I love this shot, right at the beginning of the Jardin des Tuileries.

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