Couple Things…


I found the cutest window clings to decorate for Easter, to be honest though Z loves them too and they haven’t spent any time on the window since I first put them up.

We finally watched Frozen and now our Z walks around twirling with arms in the air singing “…it go, it go!” almost ALL of the time.

We made homemade raviolis over the weekend – it had been a while!

And a special Saturday brunch-at-home treat of homemade monte cristo sandwiches using the same alpine lace cheese as in our ham & cheese paninis.

Necktie shopping for my husband at TJ Maxx – this surf and turf tie was my fave, ha!

We had a great time at my hand-painted wooden bead necklace class earlier this week…they all came out great and fitting for each persons’ style. Here’s Janet’s – perfect for spring, dontcha think? I have one more class in my craft-class series, join me Wednesday, April 30th to make handmade cards – register today!


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