Washi Tape Easter Egg Card


I thought it would be fun to use springtime colored washi tape to make cute Easter decor! First up – a (very) little Easter card that is so cute that I almost don’t even want to send it to anyone. These cards are so easy to make!


You will need: Blank cards (I used cute, tiny cards from the Target dollar section), washi tape, double sided tape, an x-acto knife, white paper, and scissors (not shown).


Start by sticking your washi tape on the card. I stuck mine vertically up the card.


Flip around and trim the edges.


Draw your shape on the paper (I’m making Easter cards so I used an egg and a bunny, but this can be done for any season or shape) and cut out with an x-acto knife being careful to preserve both the shape and the paper the shape was cut out of.


Cover the back with double sided tape (or a glue stick would work here, too) and stick to your washi tape-covered card.


How adorable are these?

washi-tape-easter-egg-card-14Mine happened to be the perfect size for a floral card. Hoppy Easter!

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