DIY St. Patrick’s Day T-Shirt


I am (mostly) Irish. And combined with my husband’s German and Italian genes, my Z is like 35% Irish. But not being 100% certainly doesn’t stop us from celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in style! We always celebrate with beer (although not me this year), food – making Irish soda bread and always Irish corned beef and cabbage, and of course we wear green! This year, I thought it would be fun to make Z her own little St. Patrick’s Day t-shirt with a little saying telling exactly how Irish she is. It was so simple, I thought I’d run through how I made it and share the PDF with you to make your own shirt!

Click image to download for free and print for your own DIY St. Patrick’s Day T-Shirt!


I started by creating a little saying for the shirt and printing on Jolee’s Easy Image Transfer paper (the same method I used to make her Peter Pan Collar shirt). Follow their instructions to iron the image onto your t-shirt.


Then I carved a four-leaf clover stamp out of (what else?) a potato – you can’t get more Irish than that. Start by cutting your potato in half, lightly sketch an image of a four-leaf clover, and carefully cut out/carve the potato with a very sharp paring knife.


Test your stamp with your fabric paint on scrap paper (I just used a paper towel) to make sure you’re happy with the shape. I realized I needed to carve out a little more between 2 of the leaves on my test stamp.


Now, go to town with your stamp using fabric paint – this is the fun part! *Make sure to put a piece of cardboard between the front and back of your shirt to make sure the paint doesn’t leak through.


There were a couple spots that needed a little more green paint so I filled them in with my finger, it’s hard to get every shamrock perfect every time with a potato.


Let dry for at least 4 hours before wearing. Let paint and iron-on image set for at least 72 hours before washing. Enjoy your DIY St. Patrick’s Day T-shirt! My little Z wasn’t feeling great when I made this shirt, so I promise to share a photo of her wearing it ASAP!

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