So Done with This Week.

Usually on Friday I post a few pictures from our week and talk about the highlights. There were some highlights to this week as usual, but overall it just. plain. sucked. I don’t usually “go there” on this blog when things go wrong because why read a blog when someone is just complaining about their day? I am a positive and generally happy gal and like to spread that around, which is why this blog usually has a happy glow. Well not this week, friends. One thing after the next happened this week… Nothing major, nothing life-changing…just one mundane, crappy thing after the next. Do you need examples? I hate when people leave you hanging without examples. Let’s just say this week was filled with an unusual amount of tantrums (Z), 2 bouts of food poisoning/stomach bug (me, blech), sleepless nights because of 2-year molars (Z), sleepless nights from being pregnant and very sick (me), sleepless nights because everyone else was up and complaining (my husband), and of course – more friggin snow (the entire East Coast).

Ok, I think that’s all. Oh, one more – I cried at the grocery store out of sheer frustration with a side of hormones.

I will share some photos with you because we did manage to squeeze in some good times this week (much earlier this week as the case may be….). Here’s to 40 degrees on Saturday, sneaking off for a pedicure, and taking naps to catch up on sleep – that’s what I hope to be up to this weekend!


My husband and I celebrated Valentine’s Day early with a night out at Craigie On Main. We’ve been wanting to go there for years and it did not disappoint! (Note – this night was the first wild Z tantrum of the week because she didn’t want us to leave her with the sitter, tantrum essentially lasted 24 hours.)

The bartender at Craigie even made me the most delightful mocktail with pineapple and cola.

We mailed out Valentines kisses!

We received the most FUN Valentine’s Day package of goodies in the mail…

And the total highlight of my week was escaping for a few hours to attend the Boston Bloggers dinner at Boston Chops! Georgina organized the dinner and it was such a blast connecting with old blogging friends and meeting new ones. Thanks for inviting me and can’t wait to see everyone soon!

Happy Valentine’s Day and have a great weekend everyone!

One thought on “So Done with This Week.

  1. Jess it made me so happy to see that the blogger event was a huge positive for you (the exact reason I wanted to organize it!!!) I hope this week is easier on you, I know you must be dealing with SO MUCH! Remember what an amazing, inspiring woman you are!! xo


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