Z Style – Boots

My girl loves shoes. We were shopping at the GAP Outlet recently when it happened again… “Mummy – shooooooz,” with her tiny finger pointing to a high shelf in the back of the store. On the shelf, one lonely pair of tan knee boots with a little bow on the ankle. I checked the tag – 1/2 size too big, but we decided to try them on anyway, that’s the way we roll. Well, once they were on her tiny feet she fell even harder and since they were just a tiny bit big and I knew they’d fit for a while, we bought them! And she loves these boots so… Here’s a little outfit she likes to wear them with.


Turtleneck – Crewcuts (similar). Pants – BabyGAP (similar). Boots – GAP Outlet (we were at another GAP Outlet very recently and they’re still there if you’re looking to buy a pair for your toddler).

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