Couple Things…


Our Z is now sleeping in a big girl bed! This was her first week and the nighttime shenanigans have been amazing… (yes that’s her doll’s bed IN her bed, she did that at about 8pm before she fell asleep for the night).

…she’s also getting a new dresser (new baby will get the nursery furniture) with colorful knobs from anthropologie to make it more kiddish.

Working on Valentines for a post next week – wax lips are kind of creepy!

Burger joints make this family happy so we tried Tasty Burger in Harvard Sq. and we all LOVED it, highly recommend you try!

And their jukebox is so modern and fun!

Found this plaid peacoat at Old Navy in store for $18! It only buttons down to my last rib so it’s perfect for a maternity coat. And the red stripes coordinate perfectly with my fave mom purse.


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