Cookie Butter Ice Cream


Ok, let’s talk about Cookie Butter for a minute. I had never had it until Santa brought me a jar in my Christmas stocking and we opened it a couple weeks ago, remember? According to the Trader Joe’s website (the only place you can buy Speculoos Cookie Butter) it’s the #2 selling item in their store (Triple Ginger Snaps are #1, FYI). It’s made from crushed Belgian speculoos biscuits and is a sweet spread reminiscent of gingerbread with a slightly thicker than peanut butter texture.

Well, it’s awesome. It says on the jar that you can dip things in it or put it on just about anything (dip pretzels, crackers, melt and put it on ice cream, pancakes, waffles). So, we had a thought…what if we put it IN the ice cream? Even better, right? And this past weekend we did just that.


We started with a basic vanilla ice cream recipe and made it in our ice cream maker.


As with making any ice cream with something in it, we added dollops of cookie butter just as the ice cream was getting thick – or, when the machine sounds like it’s working very hard. Someone had to take a peak to see what was making all that noise!


We mixed the dollops of cookie butter in at the very end so they would remain as small chunks and not just mix in the ice cream.


We let it chill for a few hours…then had a couple scoops. DELISH! This is an unbelievable mix of flavors – the sweet vanilla ice cream with the occasional creaminess, molasses flavor of the cookie butter, it’s just perfect.


So good…enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Cookie Butter Ice Cream

    1. I know, right? And everyone is trying to be good with New Year’s resolutions, right? Well, bookmark the recipe when you need a sweet treat! 😉


    1. Ooooh, you should get one! It’s surprisingly easy to make your own ice cream and SO fun to experiment with flavors!


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