Maternity Style

I’m just going to come out and say it – it’s hard to be super stylish when you’re pregnant and getting bigger by the day. Maternity clothes (generally speaking) define frumpy-ness. A lot of maternity wear is poorly made, cheap quality, and (ironically) overpriced. I learned a lot when pregnant with my Z, so I thought I would take some time to put together a maternity style post to use more as a reference for all you soon-to-be mamas (or repeat mamas, as in my case) out there.


My maternity style consists of variations of this outfit most days: Maternity jeans, maternity tank or basic tee, and a non-maternity cardigan worn open. Some people prefer maternity shirts and aren’t into showing their bump much, but for me, I have narrow shoulders and most dressy maternity tops just make me look bulky. So for me – visible bump it is! And I usually do it up with accessories like a statement necklace if the top is plain.

But where do you find these jeans and tops and occasional maternity tops and sweaters? I’ve put together a list with links to my favorite maternity brands that I find adequate quality, reasonable pricing, and stylish!

GAP and Old Navy Maternity. Both are great for staples like tank tops, tee shirts, and workout wear. Both have pretty good jeans, too. This pregnancy I am wearing a bunch of my sister’s old GAP maternity jeans and I have recently bought some Old Navy maternity jeans. The GAP ones seems true to size, where Old Navy seems to run a little bit big.

ASOS Maternity. I love ASOS for stylish pieces – interesting tops, dresses if you have a wedding to attend while pregnant, and even trendy pants if you want to try a maternity jumpsuit, overalls, or colorful denim. *Tops run large – but free shipping both ways makes it easy to buy a few sizes and return what doesn’t fit.

Topshop Maternity. Somewhat pricey, but super stylish if you have an event to go to during your pregnancy and want to look great in something unique and interesting – like maternity plaid pants, love these!

Boden Maternity. This UK brand is always great for cute preppy looks (we love their mini Boden line too) and they have really cute maternity print dresses for work or maybe your baby shower.

ShopBop and Nordstrom have decent maternity departments that both carry higher end lines if you’re looking for designer denim, in particular. I invested in a pair of Citizens of Humanity maternity jeans when pregnant with my Z and they still look great. Plus, with designer stuff, you can always get a good sell-back price at a second hand store – keep that in mind once you’re done having kiddos!

H&M Mama. Oh H&M Mama line, how I love you. So affordable! Get tons of maternity tanks, fun denim, and even coats here.

Zara Mum. Zara made headlines with their new maternity line a year ago, but it’s sort of disappeared now. They have a few pair of jeans left for sale, I can’t speak to how they fit but I like the concept of their elastic waist denim.

J. Crew Maternity. Excitingly, J. Crew has recently come out with a line of maternity pants that include Minnie pants, Pixie pants, and just last week – denim. I haven’t purchased a pair but I’m sure they’re great, let me know if you’ve tried!

Also, I love these tanks from Target’s Maternity line. A Pea in the Pod has a great sale rack if you have a store near you. Hatch Collection is an interesting concept line where it’s clothes for both maternity and day to day, personally, these baggier pieces aren’t flattering on me, but I love the idea! And don’t forget second hand stores!!


I thought it would be helpful if I started pinning a bunch of style ideas onto a board and now, I share with you – my Maternity Style Pinterest Board! I will be adding pins throughout my pregnancy to keep it updated. Enjoy – and let me know what your maternity style is!

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