Couple Things…


New Year = New Planner! I love the momAgenda and this year’s is animal print!

The gilded Paper Source wreath now hangs on our front door (without the Thanksgiving note).

Santa brought nail polish, now her toes are pink.

If you live in my area, have you seen the fish car around? I got gas the other day, saw it in the parking lot, snapped a photo…then saw this link on Twitter explaining the whole thing. Cool!

My little artist.

Have you tried this stuff? Santa brought me a jar in my Christmas stocking….YUM!

Have a great weekend everyone!

5 thoughts on “Couple Things…

  1. Z’s painted toes are too cute!! I saw cookie butter at Trader’s Joe but decided not to buy it cause I was afraid I would love it too much. ha!

    Best, Mree


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