Christmas Wrapping – Homemade Gift Tags


So we’ve figured out what ribbon to use to wrap our Christmas gifts – now on to the gift tags! I decided it would be fun to make a few tags myself and thought I’d show you. There is no real tutorial, but here’s how I put my gift tags together:


To make your own gift tags you really just need thick card stock and stuff to decorate with. I used: paper cutter, markers, ink pad, rubber stamps, washi tape, and card stock. Not shown but super important: hole punch and string to attach to gifts.


Cut out your card stock into gift tag size rectangles (or squares, trees, snowmen, any shape, really!) Decorate your tag – I used a combo of washi tape and rubber stamps. Above, I’m making a Christmas tree with gold washi tape.


I like to add a little “to” and “from” stamp as well.


And don’t forget to punch a hole!



Ready to attach to wrapped gifts!


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