Christmas Wrapping – Ribbon

By now, all (or most) of your shopping is done, right? And now it’s time to WRAP! Some folks find this to be a daunting task and I guess that depends on how generous you’re being this year (aka how many gifts you’re giving) as well as a big question: whether Santa wraps the gifts at your house or not. Growing up Santa just popped down our chimney, set up our gifts in the appropriate location (I had the couch, my sister had the big chair), and dashed away to the next house. Now Santa does the same thing for our Z… I will also say there is added wrapping effort made to those gifts that “leave the house” so to speak…gifts for friends, my in-laws, etc… Do you wrap gifts for your kids and husband/boyfriend a little more casual than others?


All of that said, I thought I’d share with you my gift wrapping strategy this year on thosefancy-wrapped “leave the house” gifts. Next week a tutorial on some cute, easy washi gift tags followed by some pics of the finished product. Today, we’re talking ribbons. After I took a little inventory of our wrapping paper I decided on a theme this year… I walked right by the traditional Christmas ribbon aisle (after snapping this photo of course)…


And decided on black and white and metallic! See, we had plain red and plain green rolls of paper so I thought patterned black and whites and maybe gold or silver would look great, right? And so festive. So after much thought I decided on these four…


More next week!

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